The sunflower, by Gustav Klimt, ca. 1907


The British Decorative and Fine Arts Society of Osnabrück - Münster - Herford e.V.

BRIDFAS in Osnabrück has been successfully enhancing the appreciation, enjoyment and study of the decorative and fine arts since 1997.

We offer the following activities for our members:



Die British Decorative and Fine Arts Society of Osnabrücke.V. (BRIDFAS of Osnabrück) ist eine Mitgliedsgesellschaft der National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies, eine der führenden gemeinnützigen Gesellschaften im Kunstbereich in Großbritannien (für weiterführende Informationen klicken sie bitte auf Links > NADFAS <)

BRIDFAS of Osnabrück bietet ein Jahresprogramm zu den Schönen Künsten. Unsere illustrierten Vorträge werden in englischer Sprache gehalten, von Experten aus Großbritannien und anderen europäischen Ländern.
Ergänzend dazu bieten wir Museumsbesuche an, die Besichtigung historisch interessanter Stätten sowie Ausflüge in die Umgebung von Osnabrück. Das aktuelle Angebot finden Sie unter > Programme <.
Bis auf wenige Ausnahmen können unsere Veranstaltungen von allen Interessierten besucht werden. Wenn Sie Mitglied werden möchten, oder sich nur näher informieren wollen, klicken Sie bitte auf > Impressum <, dort finden Sie Namen und Kontaktdaten der Personen, an die Sie sich wenden können, sowie unsere Bankverbindung.


Next Events

Maria Sibylla Merian - Artist, Scientist and Adventurer.

Dr.Twigs Way - 29.03.2017 - 19:30

Doors open at 7pm, lecture starts at 19.30pm

Most famous for her botanical and entomological illustrations, Maria Sibylla Merian was one of the most extraordinary women of the 17th century. Born into a family of artists, she became fascinated with the life cycle of caterpillars and moths, disproving the then common belief that they were created from mud. Leaving behind her marriage and her work as a successful flower painter, she sailed to Surinam in pursuit of rarities of flora and fauna, and produced the famous `Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium'. Her illustrations were sought by collectors and royalty throughout Europe, whilst her scientific observations stunned the world.


The Genius of Stradivari

Toby Faber - 26.04.2017 - 19:30

Doors open at 7pm, lecture starts at 7.30pm

Two hundred and fifty years after Antonio Stradivari’s death, his violins and cellos remain the most highly prized instruments in the world. Loved by great musicians and capable of fetching fabulous sums when sold, their tone and beauty are legendary. Every subsequent violin-maker has tried to match them. Not one has succeeded. How can that be? This lecture explores that central mystery by following some of Stradivari’s instruments from his workshop to the present day. It is a story that travels from the salons of Vienna to the concert halls of New York, and from the breakthroughs of Beethoven’s last quartets to the first phonographic recordings. Toby Faber’s book Stradivarius: Five violins, one cello and a genius, was described in The New York Times as ‘more enthralling, earthy and illuminating than any fiction could be.’ The lecture is illustrated with pictures of violins and of key individuals and locations, as well as with some short musical recordings.


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